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Career Coaching for Lawyers and Business Professionals

Are you looking to make a change in your career? You may be working towards a promotion, moving into a new role or leadership position, changing sectors or returning to work after a career break. Or it may be that you are looking to step away from your current role and go in a different direction but cannot yet see what that would look like.

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Coaching can provide you with a space for reflection which can prompt new thinking and generate clarity, focus and positive change. It can support you to move from where you are now to where you want to be and to achieve your goals more quickly than you would on your own.

I adopt an encouraging, non-judgemental approach to give my clients the time and space to explore their goals.

Using active listening skills and clear, focused questioning (which can occasionally be challenging), I motivate and inspire my clients to think outside the box, unlock their potential and make sustainable positive changes. I encourage them to maintain momentum and reflect on actions between sessions. 


As a former solicitor myself, I understand the expectations on lawyers and other business professionals. I can relate to balancing work and home life around the pressures of workloads and targets.  

I have had success in helping clients with:

  • Working towards a promotion

  • Moving into a new position

  • Making a career shift

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Achieving greater self-awareness and role satisfaction

  • Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs

  • Improving self-confidence

  • Exploring strengths and areas for development

  • Creating a positive mindset

  • Adopting a coaching style to encourage autonomy and responsibility in team members 

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I offer one-to-one and group coaching for lawyers and other business professionals, psychometric assessments and I am also available for workshops and away days.

I use psychometric assessment tools, where appropriate, as a way of assessing an individual's potential readiness for change and to highlight which specific areas of personality and behaviour can most usefully be addressed through coaching.



Coaching Options

All options can be delivered face to face or remotely and include a brief introductory session beforehand to discuss goals, expectations and confidentiality.

One-off Coaching

A one-off 60 minute coaching session to prompt new thinking and generate focus and clarity on a particular topic.

Performance Coaching

Three 60 minute coaching sessions over a period of three months to look at goals in more detail and provide time and space for reflection and action between sessions.

Development Coaching

Five 60 minute coaching sessions over a period of five/six months to explore more complex areas of development and transition (e.g. a new role or career shift).

"The sessions with Clare have been both challenging and rewarding. Her background and depth of experience allow her to deliver bespoke coaching."

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