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Career Coaching for Lawyers and Business Professionals

"My coaching sessions with Clare have been instrumental in overcoming personal barriers that were hindering my ability to progress in my career. Clare has challenged my assumptions and provided me with clarity and focus on how to confidently move forward. I am much more content with who I am and what I am capable of, which has transformed my contribution to the business and my approach to developing my career."  

Senior Lawyer

“Clare’s coaching style is professional and personal. She has encouraged me to think deeply about my career path to realise real job satisfaction. I have learnt a lot about myself; the coaching sessions with Clare have been both challenging and rewarding. Her legal background and depth of experience allows her to deliver bespoke coaching for lawyers. I would highly recommend Clare.”  

Senior Associate Lawyer

“Clare partnered with me to uncover my strengths which has allowed me to step into the person I was meant to be.”

Law firm Partner

"Clare is a natural coach! Her friendly and approachable manner really puts me at ease. Her experience as a lawyer makes her perfectly placed to provide constructive coaching for lawyers." Law firm Partner

“I found my coaching sessions with Clare in advance of my presentation to the partnership board really helpful. She was very approachable and quick to grasp the issues I wanted to focus on. She assisted with my strategic thinking and helped me to develop a clear idea of the key points I wanted to make.”

Law firm Partner

"My coaching sessions with Clare have proven extremely helpful and valuable to give me the time, and clarity of thought, necessary to make some much needed decisions.  Having been a lawyer for over 20 years, I was unsure whether to change career entirely. Clare’s skill lies in her empathy (having been a lawyer herself) and her ability to gently challenge. I am very grateful for her time, encouragement and expertise which have enabled me to take the next steps."

Legal Director

“Clare challenges my thinking, which has been invaluable. Her coaching sessions have enabled me to see what is important and not to try to solve everything at once. I am worrying less and moving forward with a clearer mind.”

Senior Associate Lawyer

“Clare is a fantastic career coach. She has inspired me to strive for continuous development, in both big and small ways. She has helped me to reflect and think about my goals for the future which has enabled me to put an action plan in place.”

Associate Solicitor

"Clare coached me through an extremely challenging time in my career, helping me strengthen my focus and the self-belief I needed to apply for, and ultimately achieve, a promotion to a senior role against the background of my return to work from maternity leave. The odds may have seemed against me but, with the benefit of Clare's coaching and incisive support, I achieved my professional goals without making personal compromises. Clare's first-hand knowledge of the legal profession and keen insight into the operation of commercial practices, combined with her exceptional interpersonal and career coaching skills, make her an invaluable ally for any lawyer wanting to progress.

Senior Associate Lawyer

"Clare is an excellent coach. As well as being kind and friendly she is able to frame questions and observations in a very clear, direct and helpful way. Over our five sessions she helped me to explore what was stopping me from making a change and as a result I found the confidence to be proactive and change direction. It was particularly helpful to discuss how I felt about my career from both a long term and a short term perspective and I felt that her background as a lawyer meant that she understood my professional journey very quickly, which allowed us to focus on the issues that I really needed to discuss. I am incredibly grateful to Clare for her help and would highly recommend her."

Associate Lawyer 

"I found my coaching sessions with Clare very beneficial. Having always found it incredibly difficult to talk about and reflect on myself, during the sessions I was able to do so and this led to me finding mechanisms which help me on a daily basis in life, but also my career."


"I am really grateful to Clare and the coaching sessions we had together. The coaching has helped me to become more confident and a better communicator – something that I have always struggled with. Thank you Clare!”


"Clare was a pleasure to work with. I went into the coaching not knowing what to expect but left feeling confident and ready to action what we had discussed. She helped me answer questions I would generally shy away from and I do feel it has helped me in my"

Conveyancing Executive 

"Clare helped me to challenge personal negative ideations and to identify skills and strengths that I have collated. She taught me how to reframe certain thoughts and provided me with a toolkit that will continually help me to overcome personal mental barriers. I am really grateful for our sessions which have enabled me to propel forward with my future career."


"What I was doing with my career didn't feel in line with my true self. I was introduced to Clare and my life is now full of colour. She gave me the confidence to believe in my own capabilities which gave me permission to make lasting changes. I looked forward to every coaching session with her knowing that I would be speaking to a kind, genuine person who listened and gave me the time and space to unlock my own potential. Her upbeat optimism was engaging and powerful. She has changed my life." 


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